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No. Innovation and Experimentation
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Class & Subject Learning Objective Initially Envisaged Learning Objective Realized Or Not Name of the Teacher incharge along with designation
1. Science projects/ Science exhibition IX - XII To develop technical knowledge and concepts Realized Ms. Ritu Chaudhary
PGT Physics
PGT Biology
2. Computer aided learning through subjective knowledge using computer language / database IX - XII To develop technical as well as software knowledge by using various languages and databases Realized Mrs. Neeraj
3. Linking mathematical concept with day to day life examples VI - X To enhance intuitive, logical and problem solving skill Realized Mr. A. K. Gupta
Mrs. Yogita
4. Reading and task project VI - IX To develop reading, writing skills and vocabulary Realized Mrs. Sangeeta
Ms. Garima
English Project - Reading and Task Project
A Project has been taken up to develop reading skill in the students. It will also help the students to enhance their Vocabulary and develop better writing skill.

The students have to read at least one book from four different categories by the end of the month from the list of books given by the teacher. One can of course read more than one book from a category as long as one meets the minimum requirement of four categories.

If the students would like to read a more challenging book that is not in the list, then he/she should get prior approval from the teacher.

For each task the teacher will specify one of the following tasks to complete. Tasks must be at least of 100 words for class VI and 250 words for classes VII to IX.

Wide reading tasks will be of 30 marks for each term.
  • A book review for news paper or a film magazine
  • A play script based on the one incident on the book
  • A board game based on the book, as well as detailed explanation
  • As a director, how you would turn the book into a film
  • As letter(s) from one of the characters or between characters in the book
  • A discussion paper on the theme of the book
  • A front page newspaper article (news report)
  • A series of diary entries written by a character in the book
  • A poster advertising the book including a reflection statement of your choice
  • As letter to the teacher of English explaining why more number of copies of the books read be purchased for the school library
Maths Project - Linking Mathematical concepts with day to day life
Maths is the queen of all subjects said Buttred Russel which is absolutely correct. It requires an analytical and logical mind with intuitive skills. In modern time all over the world it has been dreaded by the students and Maths Phobia is there among many students. The project visualizes creating interest in Maths or saying Philia for it by linking the basic concepts of mathematics with day to day life examples. It also aims at enhancing their calculative skills, problem solving skills and understanding their concepts of numbers.

One of the difficult branch of mathematics is geometry. It is one branch which students find very difficult and while surfing a problem. They can not able to approach its solution the reason being lack of comprehension of property and difficulty in remembering them. The students are motivated to observe the basics concepts / identity of geometry in the surrounding e.g. while reading about angles they are told to observed different angle in class or in there surrounding they are also instructed to visualize different types of angles such as acute / right / obtuse angles in there surroundings. More over while reading properties of triangle they are instructed to visualize the triangle and then by them selves explore its different properties.